Another woman linked to Yaw Shin Leong

IN THE LIMELIGHT: Mr Yaw Shin Leong with his wife. Mr Yaw has not offered an explanation for his resignation.

IT ALL started with an allegation posted on socio-political website Temasek Review Emeritus.

The writer, claiming to be from the church Mr Yaw Shin Leong attends, sparked talk of his alleged affair with a married woman, a colleague from the Workers' Party (WP).

Now, there's a fresh claim.

On Jan 30, another e-mail popped up suggesting yet another indiscretion.

The writer of the second e-mail, claiming to be a neighbour, said he noticed Mr Yaw allegedly visiting a flat belonging to a China migrant couple.

The writer alleged that Mr Yaw would visit the woman whenever her husband leaves the flat for work.

The New Paper spoke to the woman, who is a tuition teacher. The couple moved here several years ago and have been renting the flat they live in.

The woman said Mr Yaw had visited her at the flat, but in two separate interviews with TNP, she said their relationship was professional.

She claimed she provided Mr Yaw with assistance in translation and helped him with the speech he made in Mandarin on Jan 17 during the ministerial salary debate in Parliament.

The PRC woman, who said she has worked with him for about two years, showed TNP her diary with some appointments with Mr Yaw marked in.

The woman also said she knows Mr Yaw's wife.

Did she and Mr Yaw have an alleged affair?

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