Roger Mooking Foodie Music
Tue, Oct 06, 2009

By Victoria Barker

WHEN cooking-show host Roger Mooking is not putting his own spin on traditional dishes, the 35-year-old dishes out award-winning music.

The Canadian's debut album, Soul Food, bagged a Juno award after its release last year.

But as a third-generation restaurateur - he is also the executive chef and coowner of two restaurants in Toronto, where he is based - it is clear that food is his first love.

my paper caught up with Trinidad-born Mooking on his recent trip to Singapore for a chat.

How did you get into cooking?
I was born into the industry. My grandfather, father, aunts and uncles were all involved in the food business. They owned and ran restaurants and bakeries.

You are a chef and a musician. Do the two go hand-in-hand?
Both are sensual. Music is a shapeless, formless medium that imparts emotions on a deep level. Whether it's a simple pop song that makes you want to jump around or a soulful ballad that brings tears to your eyes, it affects you. Food does the same. When it hits your palate, it drives emotions in the same way.

Why should we watch Everyday Exotic?
It will inspire you to learn more about new ingredients and to think about food in a way you've never thought before. I hear the host is pretty cute too.

Everyday Exotic premieres tonight on Discovery Travel & Living (StarHub Ch 16) at 7pm.

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  Roger Mooking Foodie Music
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Roger Mooking Foodie Music