Yishun triple murderer 'tried to silence the witnesses': Judge

SINGAPORE - There were to be no witnesses to the brutal rampage in 2008 that left his lover and her daughter dead.

And to ensure this, Chinese national Wang Zhijian, 46, attacked his lover's two flatmates. Miss Li Meilin, then 15, survived. But her mother, Madam Yang Jie, 36, did not.

For Madam Yang's murder, Wang was sentenced to hang yesterday.

For killing his lover, Madam Zhang Meng, 41, and her daughter Feng Jianyu, 17, at Block 349, Yishun Avenue 11, in September 2008, he was found guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder because the judge accepted that he was provoked.

Justice Chan Seng Onn, referring to the attempt to silence the witnesses, said yesterday: "The subsequent attacks... were done in cold blood in order to silence them and not in the heat of a frenzied attack."

Details of how he tried to silence the witnesses emerged during the 10-day trial.

After killing his lover and her daughter on Sept 18, Wang wandered around the flat, changed the bloodied knife for a fresh one and then callously knocked off the witnesses one by one.

He entered the bedroom first and attacked Miss Li viciously, prompting Justice Chan to say it "was completely fortuitous" that she survived.

After slashing Miss Li on the cheek, he went after Madam Yang who had run out of the bedroom. It is believed that she climbed out of the window of the sixth-storey flat and was standing precariously on the ledge outside, clinging to the bamboo pole holders for balance.

Based on the evidence collected, Justice Chan concluded that Wang intentionally caused Madam Yang's death by cutting her fingers while "she was standing on the narrow concrete overhang, to force her to release her grip on the bamboo pole holders, so that (Madam) Yang would fall down six storeys to her death".

Wang then returned to attack Miss Li.

He told her to "close her eyes and not to scream".

She did not fully trust him, so she peeped and saw him attempting to stab her.

She kicked him and ran to hide in the kitchen toilet.

He went after her and attacked her savagely. She collapsed and heard him say words to the effect of "I do not chop you any more" as he left.

Miss Li whispered: "God, let me go."

Wang heard it and returned a fourth time to attack her again.

Details of Yishun triple murder revealed
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