Worshippers offer cosmetics to Barbie doll at Pulau Ubin temple

SINGAPORE - A 117-year-old temple at the south of Pulau Ubin houses an unusual idol which draws worshippers from Singapore and Malaysia every week.

The worshippers go to the temple to pray to a Barbie doll, which is adorned in bracelets, a garland and a necklace. They believe it has supernatural powers to grant fortunes and heal power.

She is surrounded by lipsticks, bottles of nail polish, perfumed water and other cosmetics which people have offered.

The doll replaced an old urn on the altar at the German Girl Shrine 6 to 7 years ago after a islander had the same dream involving a Barbie doll 3 nights in a row.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man had dreamed of a Caucasian girl leading him to a shop and instructing him to buy a Barbie doll there. The girl in his dream also told him to place the doll on the altar in the shrine.

Although he did not fully believe that what he dreamed of was real, he managed to find the same store in reality. In the store, he found a Barbie doll which looked exactly like the one he had seen in his dream. As a result, he decided to buy the doll and bring it back to the shrine.

Lin Qing De, 55, a taxi driver and person-in-charge at the shrine, told Shin Min that Singapore women would come to the temple every weekend to pray. Most of the worshippers are middle-aged women, he added.

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