Only four qualify for Presidential Election

Two presidential applications for the Certificate of Eligibility have been rejected - Mr Andrew Kuan and Ooi Boon Ewe have both had their applications declined.

The four candidates who were issued the certificate are Mr Tan Kin Lian, Dr Tony Tan, Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Mr Tan Jee Say.

According to a statement issued today, Mr Ooi had submitted an incomplete application form.

He subsequently updated his application and in a written clarification acknowledged that he did not qualify under one of the Constitution which state that the applicant must have held office for at least three years in the public or private sector.

Mr Ooi then asked for a waiver from this requirement but the Committee stated that they had no power to waive any of the qualifications for the office of President.

As for Mr Kuan, the Presidential Elections Committee decided that he did not qualify as he had not held a 'similar or comparable position' in the public or private sector, which include being chairman or chief executive officer of a major statutory board or a company with a paid-up capital of at least $100 million, for no less than three years.

This is the second time Mr Kuan is making his presidential bid.

Of the six applicants, only Dr Tony Tan and Dr Tan Cheng Bock applied under the Constitution which states that "he is a person of integrity, good character and reputation".

Based on the information available, the Committee said that the two had satisfied the requirements.

Mr Tan Kin Lian is seen as having the experience and ability to satisfy the requirements of holding a senior position. Mr Tan had been the Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Income Insurance for more than three years.

Mr Tan Jee Say also satisfied the Constitution's requirement, as he was the Regional Managing Director of AIB Govett Asia.

The Committee also stated that the two men are "of integrity, good character and reputation."

If more than one candidate stands nominated for election at the close of Nomination Day on August 17, Singaporeans will go the polls on Aug 27 to elect the next President of Singapore.