Moved to tears

He questioned whether WP would continue to stay on in Hougang if the party loses, reiterating that he would continue to serve Hougang win or lose.

He mentioned that it was difficult being the worst-performing candidate in last year's GE, but was heartened by the support given to him by residents.

"Some asked me, are you not heartbroken? But one auntie took my hand, told me, 'You're still young. We'll support you in future.' She cried ... I cried," he said.

At the end of his 30 minute long speech, he was moved to tears, and wiped the corners of his eyes repeatedly with his hands.

As tears welled up in Mr Choo's eyes, he promised to take the journey with Houngang residents.

He ended his speech with tears running down his face saying "we can build a future for Hougang together".

Last night's concurrent rallies held by the two parties marked the end of a nine hard days of campaigning, before candidates take a step back for cooling off day, which is today.

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