Woman wails for husband said to be buried 5m in the ground

GEORGE TOWN - It was a heart-wrenching scene in Jalan Macalister, the worst-hit area of Thursday's freak storm, when a woman cried out for her husband believed to be buried some 5m in the ground.

Lee Chai Song, 48, wailed and called out to her husband Lim Chin Aik, 44, in Hokkien "to come out and don't hide anymore" at the scene.

Lim, an economy rice seller in Pulau Tikus, was supposed to pick up their daughter Lim Huie Jiun, 13, from school when a thunderstorm hit the island at 7pm.

Efforts were being carried out to clear the debris and some 48 hours later contractors stumbled upon parts believed to be from a Honda City car.

Lee said she was told at 5pm that the chassis number found on the wreckage matched those of her husband's car.

She last heard from her husband when he called to tell her he was on his way to get their daughter from school.

"My husband usually won't take his handphone when he goes out and he normally uses this road to pick up our daughter," Lee said.

On the day the thunderstorm struck, the girl called her mother to ask why her father had not arrived in her school.

The teacher then sent her home.

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