PAP Youth member quits over 'racist' online posting

A Young People's Action Party (YP) member has resigned from the People’s Action Party (PAP) after one of his online posts sparked accusations of racism.

Mr Jason Neo, 30, had posted a religiously and racially offensive caption to a photograph which he uploaded on his Facebook page.

The posting showed a photo he had taken of a school bus with Malay children from Huda Kindergarten, in Woodlands, dressed in their uniform which includes traditional Malay headwear.

His caption said: 'Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?'

This posting, which was made in February before he joined the PAP, went viral recently.

An online furore followed, drawing criticism from Malay opposition politicians and playwright Alfian Sa'at, among others.

His actions were also condemned by YP leaders, including YP chairman Teo Ser Luck.

At least three police reports have been made against him, and the police are investigating the matter.

Mr Neo has also issued an apology on his Facebook page, saying he made the post was out of a "moment's folly" and did not, in any way, represent the view of the PAP or the YP.

He said: "I hereby offer those within our Muslim community and anyone else offended my most sincere and unreserved apology."

Mr Neo, a volunteer at Meet-the-People sessions in Sembawang, had joined the YP in June.