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Card game plays on S'poreans' favourite expressions

Hasbro's latest Taboo Singapore card game edition boasts 400 local words and expressions. -AsiaOne

Tue, Nov 08, 2011


The local expression came out tops in a survey conducted by Hasbro Singapore.

The survey on 734 Singaporeans aged 16 to 50 years old found that this word was one of their faviourite expressions, followed by "Kiasu", "Act blur", "Siam" and "Gila".

These expressions were taken from the new Taboo Singapore version game.

Taboo is a party word game where players take turns to describe a word or phrase on cards to their partners without using the five associated words or phrases that are listed on the cards.

Other popular local expressions include "Atas", "Chope" and "Calafare".

Launched on November 8, Hasbro's latest Taboo Singapore game edition boasts 400 local guess words covering acronyms such as ATM and ERP, expressions like Blur like Sotong and Yaya Papaya, events like the Big Walk and Chingay, favourite local dishes like Char Kway Teow and Milo Dinosaur, local brands, personalities and unique Singapore terms such as 4D.

In addition, this game of unspeakable fun introduces a new gameplay with a "Game-changer die" which changes the rules for individual players' turns.

"The first Singapore edition launched in October 2006 was well-received and those who played the game enjoyed it thoroughly because they can better relate to the game. With this latest edition that includes an extensive list of local words, players can look forward to greater fun," said Joy Koh, Marketing Manager, Hasbro Singapore.

The new Taboo Singapore version game is retailing at $49.90 and will be available at Toys R Us, selected bookstores and all major department stores.

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