Man says he's in distress after RedMart delivered pork to his Muslim household

Man says he's in distress after RedMart delivered pork to his Muslim household
The RedMart customer was also unhappy with the online grocer's help service.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Khatimtai

What's 'distressful'?

It's the feeling of being in distress and stressed out, this man said, after an online grocer delivered an item forbidden against his family's religion.

Taking to TikTok on Monday (March 6), user Khatimtai shared what RedMart – Lazada's online grocery delivery service – sent to his Muslim household a few days ago.

Packets of frozen minced pork, according to the 11-second clip.

"I'll be staying away from RedMart for the time being. It was a very distressful situation for me," Khatimtai said, adding that he hopes the online grocer would relook at their delivery process to minimise mistakes.

"Was it at the sorting facility? Or the delivery pallets got mixed up in the truck?" the man wondered.


In the TikTok video, Khatimtai also expressed his dissatisfaction with RedMart's help service after making a complaint about the delivery.

"It took a second [live] agent to properly apologise," the customer said. "Either way, do also provide training for customer sensitivities."

In an update to his own video, Khatimtai shared that Lazada's senior management had called him to offer their apologies in person.

Responding to AsiaOne's queries on Tuesday (March 7), Lazada shared that they have apologised to the customer.

"We have since contacted the customer and remained in close touch," the company's spokesperson said.

AsiaOne has contacted Khatimtai for more information.

$259 worth of groceries missing by another delivery app

In an unsatisfactory experience with another online grocer, a woman's "advance order" of $259 worth of groceries was never delivered.

Recounting the "utterly disappointing" experience in May 2021, Estelle Liu said that she requested Foodpanda to deliver the goods to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home.

But even when the app notified Liu of the successful delivery, her contact at the home did not receive the items.

Liu also expressed her unhappiness with Foodpanda's customer service support, which she said was "patronising" and gave her "empty promises".

Responding to AsiaOne's queries then, FoodPanda apologised for the woman's "negative experience', and provided a full refund of the order.

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