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Apple iOS 15.4: How to add your vaccination status to Apple Wallet and Apple Health apps

Apple iOS 15.4: How to add your vaccination status to Apple Wallet and Apple Health apps
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Apple Support

Apple iOS 15.4 is available now, offering tons of tiny nifty features like Face ID unlock with your face mask on, Universal Control between MacOS and iPadOS, security updates, new emojis, and tons of enhanced features that cut across the device.

Among these perks, Apple Health now lets you store your verifiable Covid-19 vaccination, lab results, and recovery records, while Apple Wallet now supports the EU Digital Covid Certificate format. So, you can now carry a digital vaccination card in Apple Wallet!

The 'card' is also an offline QR code that is EU-DCC compatible. So if you love travelling, making your vaccination certificate viewable between both Singapore and the EU (European Union) without an Internet connection might just be something you want to prepare ahead of future travel plans.

Step 1: Update your iOS and Singpass app, prepare your

So here’s how you can get it done. For starters, you’ll need to update your Apple mobile device (iPhone) to iOS 15.4 and your Singpass app to version 13.1.1. You’ll also need your phone’s web browser to visit Notarise SG. Be sure to back up your stuff before you embark on any changes!

Once you’ve updated your phone, go to Notarise to get your digital Vaccination Certificate. The steps are already listed on the website, so simply follow the instructions. Doing the process on your iPhone automatically prompts your Singpass app to notarise your vaccination certificate.

Step 2: Find your digital vaccination certificate under "Documents" under Singpass



When this process is complete, you should receive a series of confirmation messages and emails. At this juncture, go to your Singpass app’s home screen (the one with your digital NRIC). And check your “Documents” menu. You should see your digital vaccination certificate waiting for you there.

Step 3: Find your certificate's offline QR codes, and add to Apple Wallet


Tap on view QR codes, and go directly to “for offline verifier”. If you have multiple doses of vaccination, each dose should have a QR code, and the option to Add to Apple Wallet and Health. Do exactly that for each dose.

Step 4: View your digital vaccination cards inside Apple Wallet and Apple Health

Now, if you visit your Apple Wallet app, you should see three digital cards in bright red/pink that lets you verify your vaccination status while offline. Of course, your Apple Health app will also store vaccination records too.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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