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Ultimate travel hack? Chinese tourist wears 2kg of clothes to avoid check-in baggage fee

Ultimate travel hack? Chinese tourist wears 2kg of clothes to avoid check-in baggage fee
The traveller managed to put on 20 clothing items.
PHOTO: Douyin

While at the airport, a Chinese traveller realised that her carry-on luggage exceeded the stipulated weight limit by 2kg.

Unwilling to pay extra for checked baggage, this enterprising woman, surnamed Ren, decided to put on as many clothing items as she could - which turned out to be 20 pieces.

It would have cost her about 770 yuan (S$140) to purchase a 20kg checked-in baggage at the airport counter, according to AirAsia's website.

The woman was flying with the airline from Xi'an, China, to Kuala Lumpur last Friday (June 20) and the airline had a carry-on baggage allowance of 7kg, reported Chinese media outlets.

A viral video of her endeavour at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport uploaded to Chinese social media platform Douyin shows her layering two additional shirts and pants on her outfit.

Ren can then be seen stuffing a myriad of smaller clothes into the pockets of her first and third layer of pants.

After running out of pocket space, she crams more items down the front of her bulging pants and finishes the look with a belt wrapped around her shirts.

The traveller said she was stopped while going through security checks and had to take off the extra layers.

Thereafter, she had to reportedly stuff her clothes back into her suitcase. She then managed to clear immigration with no problems and successfully boarded the plane.

Netizens were amused and applauded Ren's "effective" strategy, with some wondering if the same scene would happen again before her return flight.

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