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Viewqwest switches to Singpass login for added security and convenience

Viewqwest switches to Singpass login for added security and convenience
PHOTO: Viewqwest

Viewqwest users can now login to the ViewQwest User Portal via their Singpass app.

The Internet Service Provider's (ISP) residential customer portal has integrated the Singpass API to offer Viewqwest users a more convenient and secure way to manage their accounts. All you need to do is to scan a QR code to log in.

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Currently, it's the only ISP in Singapore to offer this login method, and it's not just a matter of convenience.

The idea behind this change is that users can simply leverage their Singpass credentials as well as the security it offers instead of creating another set of login information that could potentially be compromised.

While it doesn't change the fact that Viewqwest still needs to hold on to some personal data, i.e. billing details, but by spreading the risk, it reduces the negative fallout from a hack.

And there's also the added security that Singpass brings to the table.

Realistically, there's no security system that can guarantee you complete safety, but not putting all our eggs into one basket can help to make data loss less disruptive, and having less personal information in a database is somewhat of a disincentive for hackers as well.

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This article was first published in Potions.

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