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Amy Yip reveals reason for once buying $346k insurance for her breasts

Amy Yip reveals reason for once buying $346k insurance for her breasts
Amy Yip shared that she purchased insurance for her breasts when filming the movie Robotrix (1990).
PHOTO: Internet, screengrab/YouTube/HK01

When you think about iconic Hong Kong stars from the 1980s and 1990s, one of them would be Amy Yip, who was considered a sex symbol at the time because of her voluptuous figure.

In an interview with HK01 recently, the 58-year-old shared that she was so sought after then that she purchased insurance worth HK$2 million (S$346,000) for her breasts while filming erotic thriller Robotrix (1990).

"My breasts were frequently filmed, if I was injured, I could get compensation," she laughed.

Amy added that she was hesitant to get it at first, but was encouraged by her friend.

"My friend who worked in insurance told me, 'You can get insured. Because you are filming so many films now and your breasts are your focus, so you would want to protect yourself.'"


She also shared interesting experiences while filming with Hong Kong director-actor Stephen Chow in his comedy movie The Magnificent Scoundrels (1991).

Amy said: "He used to look for pretty girls that he'd like to film with at the time and he had a lot of options.

"When we were at the set, there was no script and everyone would adlib on the spot. If we couldn't think of anything, we would end work. It was so funny. There was no pressure and everyone was happy."

She also shared that Stephen, 61, added kissing scenes during filming.

"Everyone kissed about once or twice only, there weren't a lot of NGs (no-good scenes)," she said.

And it was probably because Stephen liked Amy that he treated her differently.

Amy shared: "Everyone said he was very fierce and I thought, 'Really? I don't think so.' When we completed filming at the end of the day, he asked me out for a walk and I ignored him. He asked, 'Where are you going? Where should we go to pass our time?' I told him that I was busy and went straight home."

Throughout her career, she insisted on not appearing nude on camera, even if she was offered more money.

"I wouldn't accept it because I had so many film offers at the time and money was not a concern. I feel that if I were to film nude, it would affect my career development in the future. I personally don't like it. In addition, if the audience saw it, I would lose my mysteriousness and I cannot accept that," she expressed.

She was not afraid of accidentally exposing herself on camera as well.

"I would definitely prepare preventive measures and use nipple covers… My home used to be full of them," she chuckled.

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