What you need to know about Primary 1 registration for 2023

What you need to know about Primary 1 registration for 2023
The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore, finally announced the Primary 1 registration for 2023. Parents should watch out for the opening on June 29, 2022.
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The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore, finally announced the Primary 1 registration for 2023. Parents should watch out for the opening on June 29, 2022.

Additionally, the registration exercise will be administered online, Because of this, you should not expect any in-person registration at schools. Moreover, the online system has been followed for the past two years.

Furthermore, parents can expect more Primary 1 places set aside from the following registration exercise. They aim to take in children who do not qualify for priority admission.

Increased slots for non-priority P1 registration for 2023

MOE stated that the number of places reserved for them will be doubled to 40 for the Primary 1 group. Moreover, each primary school will be required to allocate 40 spots. This opens slots for students with no link under Phase 2C of the annual exercise.

In Phase 2C, they are prioritising those students who are living near the area. According to MOE, the competition for reserving slots intensified since 2014. It happened when the MOE decided to set aside 20 places a year for Phase 2C.

No more priority

One in three schools had to undergo balloting in Phase 2C last year. It is intended for Singaporeans living within 1km of the school. It is up from one in four schools that were balloted in the same category in 2014.

Meanwhile, MOE will combine Phase 2A(1) and Phase 2A(2) in the current year. It will only mean that they will no longer prioritise children whose parents are in the alumni association. They will not have priority above those who have parents or siblings who used to study in the school. All students need to compete in the same phase.

Phases and key dates for P1 registration for 2023

Here are the phases and key dates as per The Straits Times:

  • Phase 1

For prospective students with older siblings enrolled in their preferred school. Those registered under this phase are guaranteed to get slots in the schools.

Phase 1 registration starts at 9am on Wednesday (June 29), and ends at 4.30pm on Thursday (June 30).

  • Phase 2A

For students with a parent or sibling who is a former student in the primary school. This also includes those who joined the alumni association of the primary school. Moreover, this applies to kids with parents who work or are affiliated with the school.

Additionally, this includes children from the MOE Kindergarten within the primary school. Registration for this starts at 9am on Wednesday (July 6), and ends at 4.30pm on Friday (July 8).

Parents will receive the results on July 18, 2022.

  • Phase 2B

This applies to parents who volunteer at the prospective student’s school. Those backed up or endorsed by the school, church, or clan also apply under this category. Additionally, if you work as an active community leader, these slots match your kids.

This registration opens from 9am on Tuesday (July 19), to 4.30pm on Wednesday (July 20).

Expect a message of the results on July 26, 2022.

  • Phase 2C

If your child has not yet secured a slot, this registration schedule applies to you. Watch out for its commencement at 9am on Wednesday (July 27). It ends at 4.30pm on Friday (July 29).

Watch out for results on Aug 10, 2022.

  • Phase 2C (supplementary)

This section serves the students who did not register in Phase 2C. Parents, you can get another chance by watching out for the opening at 9am on Monday (Aug 15). This registration concludes at 4.30pm on Tuesday (Aug 16).

Expect the results on Aug 25, 2022.

According to the Ministry of Education, you may wait for the results via SMS.

Preparing your child for Primary 1

After fulfilling all the school registration and requirements, the next thing to do is prepare your child. You must be able to help your child adjust and prepare for their next milestone, which is Primary 1.

Meanwhile, here are 12 tips from NaScans that will help your child prepare for Primary 1:

  1. Talk to your child about primary school
  2. Assist them in staying focused on school work
  3. Introduce basic school rules
  4. Help your child adapt to different routines
  5. Role-play canteen food runs
  6. Urge them to make new friends
  7. Involve your child in buying or choosing their primary school supplies
  8. Gently impose early sleeping schedules
  9. Test-run their transport to and fro school
  10. Check if your child has got their basics
  11. Encourage your kid’s independence
  12. Communicate and converse with your child regularly

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