Google Classroom mobile app now works offline, provides easier grading on mobile for teachers

Google Classroom.
PHOTO: Google

Google Classroom is now easier to use for both students and teachers who have to stay apart. There are two new features central to the free platform’s suite of education tools - the ability for students to work without an Internet connection, and more manageable grading on mobile devices for teachers.

Using Google Classroom while offline

How to work on school assignments using Offline Mode.
PHOTO: Google

A new update sees the Classroom app (Android) offering offline options for students working on assignments. Now, a student can choose to download their attachments while they still have an active Internet connection, and review their work on the app even while offline.

Google said that submitting and downloading assignments require an Internet connection, but the new Offline Mode makes it easier for students to catch up on their learning even in places where the Wi-Fi is bad or non-existent.

Submitting photo proof of schoolwork

How to work on school assignments using Offline Mode.
PHOTO: Google

Finished an assignment in hardcopy, but need to upload the work for grading? The Google Classroom app now comes with a built-in Scan feature.

Basically, the app now allows students to ‘scan’ multiple hardcopy pages of their homework, and Google will help compile it into a single file for submission.

This is ideal for students who lack a laptop or desktop workstation, but have access to a mobile handset and a working rear camera. They can do their assignments physically, and upload their work through the Google Classroom app.

Grading on mobile devices for teachers

Improvements made to assist grading while on mobile.
PHOTO: Google

While a phone isn’t the first device of choice for marking, Google Classroom now makes it easier for teachers to grade students’ assignments on the app itself.

The instructors can swipe between assignments more easily, and also leave comments on individual files - even if the assignment contains multiple files. Teachers can also highlight specific areas of their students’ work if they wish to leave targeted, personalised feedback for students to review.

All in all, the Google Classroom app helps to translate what educators and students are already doing remotely and virtually, but to make it more conducive for phone use.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.