E-Junkies: Pop idols Young-jae of Got7 and Minnie of (G)I-dle star in Netflix's first K-sitcom So Not Worth It, but they're not the ones with the greatest star charisma

There are certain expectations for a Netflix original production.

So understandably, for their first attempt at a Korean sitcom titled So Not Worth It, they cast pop idols Choi Young-jae from hot boyband Got7 and also Minnie from the popular girl group (G)I-dle.

Park Se-wan, who has already won two acting awards at 26, and head-turning Korean-Nigerian model Han Hyun-min, are also in the cast.

Still, despite their star power, they aren't the ones with the greatest star charisma, as E-Junkies found out in an interview with them.

We recently met up with Se-wan, Young-jae, Hyun-min, and fresh actor Shin Hyeon-seung virtually during their press rounds, and asked how they found acting in the sitcom, tackled a particularly difficult scene, and things about the cast that people don't know.

The 12-episode sitcom — whose Korean title is literally translated as I Hope The Earth Collapses Tomorrow — shows the hijinks of a group of international students who live in the university dormitory, each with a strange but endearing personality.

Se-wan (played by Se-wan), a student and teaching assistant who's also in charge of managing the international students, is grumpy and shrewd with money.

Korean-American Sam (Young-jae) often boasts; Minnie (Minnie) from Thailand is a fashionista who loves K-dramas and handsome men; Jamie (Hyeon-seung) comes from the US but is highly secretive; while Hyun-min is Korean but sneakily lives in the dorm to save on travelling time.

While the canned laughter is quite annoying, the series grew on us quickly and, since it's a sitcom, you know you can safely 'Netflix and chill' knowing there's not going to be a devastating or blood-curdling turn of events (as you would watching the usual drama).

The complete series of So Not Worth It is available on Netflix. If you've watched the sitcom, let us know what you think!


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