Halle Berry thinks best thing about ageing is learning to 'not give a f***'

Halle Berry thinks best thing about ageing is learning to 'not give a f***'
Actress Halle Berry arrives during the 89th Academy Awards Oscars Red Carpet Arrivals in Hollywood, California, US, February 26, 2017.
PHOTO: Reuters

The Oscar-winning actress has fully embraced being in her 50s and the biggest plus of being a mature woman is that you are completely confident in your skin and don't let people's opinions bother her. 

Halle, 54, told BAZAAR.com: "One of the benefits of ageing - there are many - but one of them is you just start to not give a f*** anymore. Excuse my French. But you just start to not give a f***!"

The John Wick star has also opened up on her relationship with social media.

Halle has amassed 6.8 million followers on Instagram and 368.9k fans on Twitter and she loves being able to show people her true personality away from the red carpet and her screen roles, something she finds "liberating".

She said: "[Being on Instagram] has been really liberating ... With social media, I can control what people know about me and how I present it.

"I'm just going to be me, and there's power in that. You realise that when you do that, people kind of just love you more for it. They want to see that you're as real as they are.

"They want to see that you love a good cocktail and that you love a good laugh, and you can put on a sexy dress and feel yourself, and you can take part in silly Internet challenges, and you can read cool books.

"You're trying to help yourself and grow. I think it just connects me more to everybody, and that's been beautiful."

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