Haidilao secret cheat codes: Phrases you can use to get freebies

Haidilao secret cheat codes: Phrases you can use to get freebies
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Being a fan of Haidilao (HDL) is almost like being in a toxic relationship.

You know it’s bad for your wallet, but you just keep coming back for more.

We previously saw how there were tips and tricks to maximise our dollar, including getting free phone screen protectors, manicures and side dishes.

Besides these hacks, did you know that you can get MORE freebies using secret codes ?

Known as 暗号游戏, customers can get to redeem freebies by mentioning specific phrases to the service staff.

So if you’re looking to further stretch your dollar at Haidilao, here are some phrases to try during your next visit!

Secret Code Han Yu Pin Yin What It Means What You'll Get
小仙女来吃火锅了 xiǎo xiān nǚ lái chī huǒ guō le Little fairy is here for hot pot A magic fairy wand
你家的汤底好好喝 nǐ jiā de tāng dǐ hǎo hǎo hē Your soup base is delicious Free Hai Di Lao soup pack
你们的番茄汤好好喝 nǐ mén de fān qié tāng hǎo hǎo hē Your tomato soup base is delicious Free Hai Di Lao tomato soup pack
你们的西瓜好甜啊 nǐ mén de xī guā hǎo tián ā Your watermelon is so sweet Free watermelon slices
你家零食好好吃呀 nǐ jiā líng shí hǎo hǎo chī yā Your snacks are so delicious Free snacks
兔兔那么可爱怎么可以吃兔兔呢 tù tù nà me kě ài zěn me kě yǐ chī tù tù ne Rabbits are so cute, how could you eat them? Free rabbit-shaped pudding
我朋友今天生日 wǒ péng yǒu jīn tiān shēng rì It's my friend's birthday today Free birthday cake
你看我像小朋友吗 nǐ kàn wǒ xiàng xiǎo péng yǒu má Do I look like a kid to you? Free toys (assorted)
我们这桌都是小朋友 wǒ mén zhè zhuō dū shì xiǎo péng yǒu We are all kids at this table
我忘了带口红了 wǒ wàng liǎo dài kǒu hóng le I forgot to bring my lipstick Free beauty/lipstick samples

P.S. It has been noted by some customers that some service staff might not be well-versed with these secret codes.

Therefore, if there’s something that you want, it is advised to ask them directly instead.

So if you do notice that the waiter struggling to understand why you’re exclaiming that rabbits are cute, maybe do try dropping a ‘do you guys have the milk pudding?’ instead.

1. “小仙女来吃火锅了“ – Free fairy wand

The phrase 小仙女来吃火锅了 (xiǎo xiān nǚ lái chī huǒ guō le) will bring you a free plastic wand which channels sailor wand vibes.

Based on online reviews, you’ll be getting either a pink or blue wand.

2. “你家的汤底好好喝” – Free soup base

Most of us are aware that we could take away our leftover soup after our meal and use it as soup for hotpot at home.

By mentioning ‘你家的汤底好好喝’ (nǐ jiā de tāng dǐ hǎo hǎo hē), you can now bring home a packet of their soup base!

Yes, the kind where we can find in supermarkets and costs about $4 a pack.

If you’re a big fan of their tomato soup base, you can try mentioning ‘你们的番茄汤好好喝’ to get the tomato soup base.

3. ‘你们的西瓜好甜啊’ – Free watermelon slices

Praising its watermelon by mentioning ‘你们的西瓜好甜啊’ (nǐ mén de xī guā hǎo tián ā) allows you to ‘dabao’ (take away) some watermelon slices home as well.

This apparently also works for its other fruits, so it’s mostly just mentioning ‘你们的(insert fruit here)好甜啊’ to enjoy whichever fruit you prefer!

4. ‘你家零食好好吃呀’ – Free snacks

Fancy some snacks to accompany your late-night Netflix binge ?

Mentioning 你家零食好好吃呀 (nǐ jiā líng shí hǎo hǎo chī yā) might just get you some free snacks.

Or even a bundle of snacks, as posted by some who successfully managed to get them.

5. “兔兔那么可爱怎么可以吃兔兔呢?” – Free rabbit-shaped milk pudding

Another cutesy phrase for the brave-hearted to try.

This will bring you a rabbit-shaped milk pudding that is… indeed pretty adorable to eat.

Do note that this pudding might not be available at the newer outlets, so there might be a struggle in understanding what you’re exactly asking for.

But to gain such a cute pudding? Still probably worth a try.

6. “我朋友今天生日” – Free birthday cake

HDL regulars would know of their birthday celebrations and attention-seeking LED birthday panels.

If you’re hoping to embarrass a friend by showering him or her with special attention, do remember to use this phrase while dining at HDL.

You’ll be able to enjoy some cake after too!

7. 你看我像小朋友吗?/我们这桌都是小朋友 – Free toys (assorted)

By asking either of the phrases above, customers might get to redeem free toys which would vary according to outlets.

Some of the toys that were received were toy guns, toy guns, figurines, or cartoon pouches.

However, one netizen who tried it in one of the Singapore outlets didn’t manage to get a toy.

But she did get a photo frame because of her persistence.

TL;DR: Just try only. You’ll never know what you can get.

8. 我忘了带口红了 – Free beauty/lipstick samples

Apparently, mentioning “我忘了带口红了” (wǒ wàng liǎo dài kǒu hóng le) might get you some beauty samples.

While I personally haven’t seen someone trying this out in Singapore, it might be still worth a shot.

How much will you ‘save’ from these Haidilao secret codes?

Well, technically you aren’t exactly saving money since you won’t usually be splurging on fairy wands and toy cars…

But in the name of fun, here’s how much you might ‘earn’ by trying out all these codes.

Also, cheap thrills amirite?

Haidilao Free Item Estimated Cost
Magic fairy wand $5
Haidilao soup pack $3.80
Watermelon slices $3
Snacks $4
Pudding $2
Birthday cake $8 (2 slices)
Toys $5
Beauty samples $2
Total Cost $32.80

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