To infinity and beyond! This oxygenating astronaut facial calms sensitive and irritable skin to keep flare-ups away

To infinity and beyond! This oxygenating astronaut facial calms sensitive and irritable skin to keep flare-ups away
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With mandatory mask-wear, besides maskne, it’s not uncommon to find that your skin has become more drier and more sensitive as well. Easily irritated and prone to flare-ups, keeping skin calm and healthy can prove to be tricky.

Fortunately, Caring Skin’s Astronaut Facial is here to rescue sensitive or fragile skins. 

Harnessing the power of pure oxygen

This 10-step treatment harnesses the use of oxygen, deep sea water, a customised serum booster and a plant-based recovery mask to get your complexion softer, smoother and brighter at once. The secret lies in the use of Oxycryo technology that is often used in pre- and post-treatment programs in dermatologist offices and aesthetic clinics.

By infusing the skin with pure oxygen, it helps enhance the skin’s healing and recovery abilities. The Astronaut Facial achieves this through three oxygen-enriched therapies: Oxygen Mist provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin to promote collagen production and skin regeneration,

Oxygen Anion increases the number of anions (negatively charged ions) in the blood to enhance skin’s immunity, and Medical Ozone boosts blood circulation, increases skin’s energy and vitality and eliminates bacteria and impurities.

Mild extraction means less aggravated skin

More importantly, the treatment also involves mild extraction, which minimises any added aggravation to your sensitive and irritable skin. A bubble foam is used to deeply cleanse the pores while a water activator and oxy-jet spray removes dead skin cells oh-so-gently. 

The power of Astrodome therapy

But what makes this facial truly innovative is the use of an Astrodome, hence the treatment name. The Astrodome is placed over the face and neck, and incorporates the oxygen therapy together with a customised LED light therapy — red, purple or blue, chosen accordingly to your skin’s concern. 

A gentle facial with glowing results

Even with a bout of bad acne, this facial was gentle on our skin, and we emerged with a clearer, glowing and supple complexion that got compliments from family and friends.

This facial is suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone skins and is especially comforting for post-laser skins or after a chemical peel as it helps speed up healing and recovery.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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