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How much can ChatGPT tell us about NS?

How much can ChatGPT tell us about NS?
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ChatGPT has taken over the world quite literally since its release back in November 2022. Created by artificial intelligence company OpenAI, the capabilities of this viral chatbox are outstanding. Whether it’s explaining quantum physics or creating a work of fiction on command, users have been casually experimenting with the tool to incredibly freaky results.

ChatGPT is the latest in a type of technology known as "large language model tools," which means it’s powered by vast amounts of data and computing techniques to string words together in context while dispensing encyclopaedic amounts of information.

But how clever is this software, really? While it’s all fine and dandy to explain general knowledge to a mass audience, is it able to understand Singlish? How about comprehending National Service lingo? Imagine you are a fresh-faced recruit who is just about to enlist in the Singapore Army and you’re wrecked with anxiety trying to prepare yourself for the experience. Could ChatGPT really explain all there is to know about NS?

For the benefit of my fellow brothers-in-arms, I decided to run a little experiment on ChatGPT, which I must say, yielded some interesting responses.

What is NS in Singapore?

I had to start off with a bit of a softball. Okay, the answer was at least factual and accurate. The last paragraph would be something the SAF public relations team would be especially happy to hear. Safe to say ChatGPT is pro-NS so far. Now that the formalities are out of the way, it’s time for some hard-hitting questions.

How to become the best recruit in Pulau Tekong?

Wow, consider me impressed. Not only did ChatGPT provide a detailed breakdown of how to ace life in BMT, but the advice given is also legitimately solid. Now all the super siao on recruits will be taking notes. But it’s one thing to give motivation and general comments, can this chatbox respond to some insider NS lingo?

What are the SAF 10-pack items?

Win liao. Okay, definitely taking notes the next time I forget what to bring during my reservist cycle. Wait, does this count as a breach of military intelligence? Well, to be fair, this is public knowledge but perhaps SAF might need to investigate how much ChatGPT actually knows about the inner workings of our army operations. Yikes! Best to let those of a higher pay grade settle such matters. I’m just a writer here, don’t @ me.

Why my grandmother can run faster than yours?

HAHAHA. Excuse me, ChatGPT? Wait until my grandmother catches you sneaking out at night to meet your friends. She can chase me with a shoe faster than a gazelle and that is no exaggeration.

Why is NS important for Singaporeans?

I must say, this is a poignant and impressive answer that gets right into the meat of the matter. While the purpose of National Service has always been clear to those who serve it, ChatGPT has managed to distil it into a succinct response.

Ultimately, it is the duty and responsibility of all Singaporeans to protect our land and ensure its security. I really liked the point about NS bringing together “people from diverse backgrounds” and helping to foster “mutual respect and understanding among Singaporeans”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Overall, ChatGPT has definitely impressed me with its answers to my NS-related questions. They are mostly factual and dare I say, educational as well. I think even my grandmother would praise it.

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