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7 useful Telegram bots and channels that will help you survive the circuit breaker

7 useful Telegram bots and channels that will help you survive the circuit breaker
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Nowadays, we're bombarded with so much information - and cringe-worthy WhatsApp forwards - that it's hard to sift out anything useful. Which is why we've been relying on Telegram bots and channels to help us make it through the Circuit Breaker without going insane

Need help choosing something to order for lunch? Or how about something that tells you when Fairprice delivery slots open for your neighbourhood? There's a bot for that.

So without further ado, here are the Telegram bots and channels that will get you through the next 4 weeks (and perhaps beyond).

(DISCLAIMER: We didn't include any news channels because if you're anything like us, you've been infected by a COVID-related infodemic)

A channel notifying you when Redmart or Fairprice delivery slots are available

As anyone who has tried ordering groceries online would know, finding an open delivery slot is a matter of sheer luck and relentless browser refreshing.

Eliminate the hassle and the suspense by subscribing to @rmdsg and @fpdsm, which were created the same person, who constantly adds new postal codes.

You’ll get a notification every time new slots open, but make sure you order as soon as you spot your neighbourhood since slots can fill up within minutes.

A bot that notifies you whenever delivery slots open up for your postal code

Unlike the delivery channel, the @sg_delivery_slots_bot will only alert you when slots open up for your postal code. At the moment, it covers Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, and Sheng Shiong, so it’s good for a backup when you’re SOL with Redmart.

What we like best about this bot is that we can hit the “pause” function after we’ve completed our order, which saves us from constant alerts until our refrigerator gets empty again.

A bot that helps you find local F&B in your postal code

If you’d rather abstain from using delivery platforms during this period, check out @SGLocalShops_Bot, which shows you nearby food outlets so that you can order from them directly.

If you’d like to nominate a neighbourhood hawker, you can also contribute their delivery details to this form.

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A bot that shows you food deals and promo codes

If you’re a healthcare worker, then this is the bot for you – with just one tap, you’ll be alerted to food promos for medical frontliners and healthcare staff. @kiasu_bot also shows student deals, as well as food delivery deals and promo codes for anyone else who’s feeling peckish.

 A channel for “long distance” circuit breaker couples who are running out of things to do together

Finding ways to paktor online isn’t easy – there’s so only so many times you can play Houseparty or Sketchul with your other half before things start to feel stale. With  @dateideassg, you’ll get alerts to free virtual concerts, movies, and even virtual 360 rides from Disney.

A channel for watching movies together

So many things to watch, and no one to watch them with. If that statement resonates with you, check out @NetflixPartyAnimals, where you can join ongoing Netflix Parties and make new friends.

Finally, a Telegram group just for your neighbourhood

Enter the first two digits of your postal code into this Google sheet, and you’ll receive a link to a Telegram group that shows all the deals and recommendations in your area.

For the latest updates on the coronavirus, visit here.

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