Get the new Linksys MX4200 WiFi 6 mesh router exclusively with StarHub

The new Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 mesh router.
PHOTO: Linksys

The need for faster WiFi speed and connectivity has always been a top concern. Especially during times like these, having a smooth home network now is considered essential to all.

With the call for smoother home connectivity, Linksys has announced their new Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 mesh router exclusively with StarHub.

Referred to as StarHub Smart WiFi Pro under their partnership, the new MX4200 combines mesh networking and next-generation WiFi 6 technology for the best coverage, speed and lowest latency. Ideal for the current-gen users whether you’re streaming 4K movies or gaming competitively.

The router is Linksys’ newest addition and touts delivery of true gigabit WiFi speeds covering up to 3 bedrooms and can connect up to 40 devices per unit sharing the same bandwidth.

In an exclusive partnership with StarHub, you will be able to get the MX4200 at a promotional price of $288 (U.P. S$399). If you’re looking to purchase a broadband plan with StarHub, they too offer a promotional price for new or re-contract customers looking to upgrade their WiFi routers at home.

Plan Type New / Recontract Customer Top-up units (S$48 voucher applicable for recontract customers for 1st paid unit) Contract Period
2Gbps Fibre Broadband Free 1 Unit $288 per unit or $12 per mth for 24 mths 24 mths
1Gbps Fibre Broadband
(24 mths)
$288 per unit or $12 per mth for 24 mths 24 mths
1Gbps Fibre Broadband
(12 mths)
$288 per unit or $24 per mth for 12 mths 12 mths
500Mbps Fibre Broadband $288 per unit or $12 per mth for 24 mths 24 mths

Customers who sign up with StarHub’s Fibre Broadband plans while getting the MX4200 will also enjoy 12 months of Disney+ for the ultimate entertainment experience!

If you have the previous WiFi 6 mesh network routers like the MX5300, be assured that getting the new MX4200 won’t be a replacement but a complement as both routers works with one another.

The Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 mesh router is available at StarHub and Platinum Shops at $288 per unit. For more information on the MX4200’s technical specifications, head here.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.