Logitech unveils a pair of impossibly thin mechanical gaming keyboards

PHOTO: Twitter/GameCrate

Logitech has unveiled two new mechanical gaming keyboards that are ultrathin but packed with high-end gaming features.

PHOTO: Logitech

The Logitech G915 and the Logitech G815 keyboards are just 22mm thin and they both feature Lightsync RGB per key lighting.

In terms of design, they appear almost identical, from the placement of the dedicated media control buttons and volume control wheel, to the five dedicated G-Keys. They feature low-profile GL mechanical switches that will better showcase the Lightsync RGB lighting effects.

PHOTO: Logitech

The main difference is Lightspeed support, the Logitech G915 offers Lightspeed wireless connectivity, with 1ms response time; however, the wireless keyboard also supports USB wired connection. The G915 even boasts of a 30-hour battery life.

As a wired keyboard without Lightspeed support, the G815 Lightsync RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has a lower SRP of US$199.99 (S$277), and the G915 Lightspeed wireless mechanical gaming keyboard is priced at US$249.99.

According to the company, both keyboards are available now from "global retailers". They are also available for pre-orders on LogitechG.com now.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.