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Chow Yun Fat holds 'fan meet' right after completing 10km run

Chow Yun Fat holds 'fan meet' right after completing 10km run
Chow Yun Fat smiles at Standard Chartered's Hong Kong marathon.
PHOTO: Weibo

He may not have finished in first place, but Chow Yun Fat's clearly one of the biggest winners in this marathon.

At the recent 25th Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon held on Sunday (Feb 12), Fat Gor, as he is affectionately called, completed his 10km run only to be swarmed by fans and reporters requesting for photographs.

When the marathon began at 5.40am that morning, the 67-year-old veteran actor was already recognised by runners and approached for pictures, Hong Kong media reported.

The hot and humid weather made the run slightly more difficult, Fat Gor told the media in a post-event interview.

He had decided to approach the run with a steady pace, moving slowly at first in order to save energy for the final push.

He reached the finish line around 7.30am, completing the 10km race in one hour, three minutes and 58 seconds, which reportedly placed him at the top 20 per cent of runners taking part in the event.


And once it was over, runners and reporters alike went up to him for photographs and interviews.

Far Gor shared: "This time was a little faster than the last. My previous event was a cross-country race, whereas this one was a street race which is more enjoyable."

He's known for keeping fit and has been spotted in public jogging or exercising.

It was also reported that he had hired a coach for nearly a year to help him with this recent run.

And while he is open to running in this race again, he might not be ready to go over 10km, he told Hong Kong media.

"10km is enough… let's talk about it again in a few years when I'm older," Fat Gor joked. "I'm still too young now."

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