OtterBox's new glass screen protector can kill bacteria and germs

We have seen phone cases with anti-microbial properties, but haven't seen glass screen protectors with this feature until now.

In partnership with Corning, OtterBox announces its new Amplify Glass screen protector with anti-microbial technology.

OtterBox claims it is able to suppress the growth of several common stains and odour-causing bacteria on the surface of the glass screen protector.

This is made possible by OtterBox's proprietary anti-microbial technology which infuses ionic silver in the glass of the screen protector.

Since it is embedded in the glass, OtterBox says the Amplify Glass screen protector provides long-lasting anti-microbial protection.

The new OtterBox Amplify Glass screen protector with anti-microbial technology will be available soon.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.