Man nabbed on bus for inappropriate behaviour

Last Monday, Mr Kurt Mikhail Yang, 20, was on the upper deck of SBS Transit service 72 when he witnessed a man allegedly touching himself inappropriately.

In a video taken by Mr Yang, which has since gone viral, the man allegedly did so while staring at a secondary school girl seated two rows in front of Mr Yang.

Mr Yang was concerned and approached the girl. He told The New Paper: "She was frightened when I approached her as she thought I was the other man. She said he sat beside her at first but moved after she told him to go away."

Mr Yang told her to follow him downstairs to the bus captain and called the police.

The bus captain shut the doors to prevent the suspect from leaving.

Mr Yang said the bus stopped outside Nanyang Polytechnic, and about a minute after, the man realised he had been trapped.

Mr Yang said the man came down from the upper deck and demanded to be let off the bus.

In the video, the man can be seen attempting to prise the bus doors open.

Mr Yang said: "He kept screaming he wanted to get off and he didn't want to go to jail. I stood between him and the girl just in case he tried to do anything else."

The bus driver and another male commuter in office wear helped to prevent the suspect from leaving the bus while passengers alighted from the vehicle.

When the police arrived, Mr Yang described the incident to them and gave them his video footage.

A police spokesman told TNP a report had been lodged and investigations were ongoing.

This article was first published inĀ The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.