Google Chrome's next update might make it speedier than Apple's Safari web browser on Macs

Google Chrome's recent campaign in developing a faster browser for all.
PHOTO: Chromium.

The Google Chrome development team announced that its next update could make web browser the fastest in town.

To be more precise, Google said that Update M99 for Chrome (for Macs) achieved the highest benchmarking score out of any browser using Apple's very own Speedometer benchmarking tool.

This also implies that the updated Chrome browser surpasses even Apple's very own Safari browser. Google also said that Chrome is now 43per cent faster on Mac, compared to its launch (on M1-based Macs) 17 months ago.

For folks who want the technical details: Google attributes most of the speediness to a new Javascript compiler and short built-in calls.

These little tools help Google execute code quickly, and reduce indirect jumps when calling functions, so that Google Chrome runs faster as a whole.

Source: Chromium.
PHOTO: Chromium

It may be slightly premature to celebrate - even Google recognises benchmarks are just synthetic numbers and don't represent real-world usage. But, the Google Chrome development team said it'll continue to ensure Chrome also feels faster and more efficient for daily use.

Chrome is also faster for Android users. From its collected anonymous data, Chrome (on Android) is 13 per cent faster at startup, and loading pages is now 15 per cent quicker too.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.