'You can disassemble their features': Eric Tsang uses AI to judge contestants for Miss Hong Kong 2023

'You can disassemble their features': Eric Tsang uses AI to judge contestants for Miss Hong Kong 2023
TVB general manager Eric Tsang (right) is using AI to judge Miss Hong Kong 2023 contestants.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/TVB Entertainment News Channel

Over the last few years, we've seen artificial intelligence (AI) become more and more commonplace, and yet another industry has found use for it.

The Miss Hong Kong 2023 competition recently held its third round of interviews and TVB general manager Eric Tsang discussed using AI applications to aid in judging the contestants.

"This is the 51st edition of the pageant, it's a new era so we want to try incorporating new technology like AI and ChatGPT. When I conduct the interviews, I will use AI to generate many of the questions," he told TVB Entertainment News Channel in a video uploaded on YouTube on June 23.

"We also asked AI, 'What do you think is beautiful?' and it talked about the eyes, mouth, collarbone, and body proportions."

The 70-year-old added that they "took out" these features and had the judges score them.

"Although It took some time, it's very fair, since we can't see the woman's appearance and don't know her number," he explained. "It's a new attempt to disassemble their facial features and grade them."

While Eric may be on board with the use of AI, his fellow judges — models Janet Ma and Eunis Chan — remain hesitant.


"Using this method is very novel, because in fact, for many people, you cannot be considered beautiful just because you have beautiful eyes, or a beautiful nose or a beautiful mouth. We only know when we look at your total look and the impression you give others," Eunis, 47, said.

Janet, 55, agreed: "I really need to look at the total look, not just a part of it. Some people have very beautiful eyes, but once they remove the mask, you'd think, 'Oh, you look like this.' So we have to look at everything."

Eunis continued that, in addition to the "total look", she also looks for a contestant's "conversation skills, charisma and walking posture."

"That makes for the full package, and it's how I know whether someone can get a high score," she added.




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