Mice chew off part of baby's nose in China after being left with milk residue on face

PHOTO: Kunming TV

A three-month-old infant in China has sustained more than 100 wounds on her face after mice chewed off part of her nose. 

According to local news channel Kunming TV, the baby's parents said that after feeding their daughter milk, they had left her in her room without wiping her mouth for about 10 minutes before she started crying.  


When they reached their daughter's room, both the parents were shocked to see bite marks and blood on her face. 

They also found that part of her nose was bitten off, revealing the bone at the right side of her nose. 

Her parents immediately rushed the baby to the nearest hospital for treatment.

One of the doctors said the baby sustained so many wounds that it simply too many to count properly. 

Injuries will take a long time to recover

Since the injuries were so severe, the baby was transferred into a larger hospital due to a lack of resources. 

There she received stitches and a rabies shot. 

This article was first published in theAsianparent