The Galaxy Note20+ may not have the 100X zoom feature of the Galaxy S20 Ultra

One of the key highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is its 100x Space Zoom feature.
PHOTO: Samsung

The 100X Space Zoom feature could remain exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra according to tipster Ice Universe.

Ice Universe tweeted that the Galaxy Note20 series will not have the 100X Space Zoom feature. The upcoming Note models could still come with periscope zoom lens.

In our review of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, we found the 100X zoom feature to be a hit-and-miss after 10X "Hybrid Optic Zoom' as the slightest movement of the hand will make it difficult to frame the shot and get a clear shot.

He added that the Galaxy Note20+ could come with an additional sensor to help with autofocus, an issue that plagued the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This sensor may replace the Time-of-Flight sensor that is rumoured to be removed on the Galaxy Note20 series.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.