Microsoft has added trackpad and mouse support to its Office apps for the iPad

PHOTO: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it’s just updated its Office apps with trackpad and mouse support for iPads running iPadOS 13.4 or later.

Microsoft: "When moving a finger across the built-in trackpad of Magic Keyboard, the cursor transforms into the tool you need depending on the content you’re pointing to.

"And using a mouse or trackpad with iPad for common tasks like highlighting a passage of text in Word, selecting a range of cells in Excel, and moving and resizing graphics in PowerPoint is as simple and intuitive as ever."

To be clear, while Microsoft namedrops Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which connects to the tablet via the Smart Connector, iPadOS 13.4’s trackpad and mouse support extend to other Bluetooth trackpads and mice, too.

And what’s an Office update if it doesn’t come with new or tweaked UI elements? Also included in the updated Office apps are new start screens and a new ribbon of feature menus.

Microsoft says the app updates will be released in phases but everyone should get them within a couple of weeks.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.